Furniture Styles 2022

To prepare (and to keep ahead of the curve) We asked a few of our most loved creators and designers to share their predictions for 2022's fashions in furniture dubai, design and decor. Follow the article for their predictions on what shapes as well as materials and styles we'll see next year.

Curvaceous Lines

Betty Brandolino, founder and creative director of Fresh Twist Studio, says "A trend we're witnessing in the design of furniture ... is the introduction of curvaceous lines within the silhouettes of upholstered furniture and case products. We've observed the rise of rounded sofa backs , and the curving of sideboards, just to name some."

Kristin Bartone from Bartone Interiors agrees. "Curved furniture with soft lines will be popular in 2022," she claims. "Nearly every furniture maker from ultra-high-end to the more budget-friendly ones included the soft line, curves and curves into their furniture. The trend was first introduced in the year 2000 but has since taken off."

Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs has observed the same thing, but in a smaller scale also. "We're also seeing fluted and ribbed detail on sofas, chairs, fireplace fronts, cabinetry, [and] vanities," she states. "It creates art deco-like detail. The design can be traced to centuries back in the past, when it was first used to embellish Roman columns.

70's Retro Kickback

A dash of retro is enough to make a house look more attractive. Light hints to burnt oranges, moss greens and warm neutrals can brighten the upcoming interiors. Visit local in flea markets and shops that specialize in these bright pops of color and patterns. You can also reupholster an old sofa.

The retro style is something however finding the item ideal for your home is a different matter. Here are some tips for how to get a vintage feel prior to the time when the year is over.

Make sure to frequent local antique shops market, fairs and fairs. It's all about persistence in finding the item you're seeking at a price that is suitable for your needs.
Find less-known names. The most well-known brands are more expensive and can are more difficult to obtain. Find out about options by looking up the design or product you're searching for.
Purchase antique furniture in dubai on the internet. However, make sure to stick with trustworthy websites, such as 1st Dibs or Chairish, to stay clear of the danger of online shopping.
Visit at an estate auction or an antique auction with a companion. It is recommended to attend multiple times in order to identify inflated prices.

Traditional Details


"In 2022, we're witnessing traditional elements coming back to form a huge part of. With all the changes all over the world in the last few years, it's not surprising that increasing numbers of people want a feeling of timelessness, comfort or even a little nostalgia within their houses. In addition to pattern-mixing to Flanged or skirted furniture and even the use of old pieces the new year is all about celebrating our heritage. And we're more pleased about it.

A Return to Tradition


"Expect English roll arm sofas as well as wingbacks, basic dining tables inspired by antique styles , and pieces with a lot of details and a bit of history. For the material you can expect to witness more natural materials becoming popular in the coming years. Marble and linens, real wood, mohair -- items that feel more natural and pleasant to touch

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